ISO Metric Tap Drill Calculator  v.1.0

Electronic Component Suppliers - ISO Metric Tap and Drill Calculator for Windows.

Tap.Tools  v.1.5

About Tap.



Java component for sending SMS messages using a SMSC (Short message service center). It supports the UCP and TAP protocols and can deliver messages using an existing tcp/ip connection or using a dial up connection (analog modem).

Terrain Analysis Package (TAP)  v.4.0.1081

SoftWright is the developer of the Terrain Analysis Package - TAPtm- for Windows XP PC-based software to perform evaluation of existing or proposed radio transmitter sites; radio coverage predictions, intermodulation studies and radio transmitter sit

VST Tap Delay  v.0.6

Implement a Tap Delay to your audio using this plugin. VST Tap Delay is a small plugin that implements a Tap Delay by calculating the BPM from the button or space-key clicks.

VISRAL TAP  v.1.01.0

The Computerized Servant for your PC. Will operate your browser, sign-in to web sites, run application. VISRAL TAP is a convenient software designed to search the internet and analyze the results.

Tap Calculator  v.

Tap Counter - when you tap it counts.

Silverlight Tap to Shoot  v.

Just tap on the Screen to load the camera and then shoot the images..

Two-tap Reminder  v.

Fully functional to try (except for pinning) – only starts showing annoying messages after you actually use it for a bit. Two-tap reminder is an incredibly simple and easy to use solution for people who forget stuff. No frills, no thrills, no color

Timepass tap n pinch  v.

Timepass app , just pinch and tap , the box comes in the position where it is, when u tap it move,

Kiddy Tap  v.

Kiddy Tap is has fun sounds to keep kids entertained. It's simple to use for the youngest of

Tap Me  v.

Try to tap the ball as many times as possible until the time runs out. For questions and suggestions, please don’t contact :D

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